Proudly serving the Marblehead and North shore with Professional Automotive Care and repair for over 25 years.

Dealer Maintenance:

We can perform "dealer" service on new vehicles and provide customers with recommended oil change intervals based on the oil grade and requirement of the vehicle. Following maintenance recommendations and saving the records adds to the resale value and keeps the cost of ownership down.

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Seasonal Tips:

Properly caring for your car isn't just a once a year inspection or maintenance check, prolong the life of your vehicle with regular maintenance checks from qualified technicians and by following a few of our seasonal tips...

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Payments Accepted:







We have served Marblehead and the North Shore with professional automotive services for 25 years now. In order to maintain our reputation in the community as being a contemporary dealership alternative, we have had an ongoing addition of extensive technological understanding to our list of tools. We would like to welcome future and existing customers to our new website and Facebook page, which will both be great tools for communicating with you.

One thing that frequently surprises our customers is that our facility is green. All cardboard, paper, plastics, steel, aluminum, tires and rare earth metals are separated and recycled by us. Even more impressive is that during the winter months, our entire facility is efficiently heated by the waste engine oil that is collected from engine oil changes year round.



Our Mission

Here at Precision Motor Werks it is our mission to provide fast, friendly, reliable, service to our customers and community. For the past 24 years in the automotive industry, Precision Motor Werks has built its foundation on being a dedicated, trustworthy, and state-of-the-art facility for the average American family; and automotive enthusiasts alike. We have worked hard to maintain our outstanding reputation of being a first-rate, affordable repair facility.




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